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Oh my god this is so fucking cute.
And I think I love it because they know no one on that train will fuck with them. 
Okay my heart is melting. This is really precious. 
How funny/cute would it be if they didn’t even know each other but they both had exhausting days and just crashed on the subway. Then when they woke up it would be awkward at first, but then one would make a joke like “You make a great pillow” and the other would laugh and he’d ask if he would want to hang out.
Eventually they date, fall in love, get married, and adopt two kids and when their kids ask how they met they’ll tell them the story of how they fell asleep on each other in a public subway.
headcanon accepted

Only tumblr can make headcanons for two random strangers!
I ship it
OTP Subway Strangers!!!!!!
oh my god, I ship it so hard. otp: subway strangers. 
John felt a stirring beside him, and subconsciously snuggled closer to the warm body. Soft, short hair tickled his cheek; there was a firm but gentle weight on his shoulder that made him lopsided.
Where am I?
He slowly blinked his eyes open. The steady sway of the subway train, the people sitting around him, minding their own business, it all came rushing back. He had been on his way to his apartment, fully prepared to spend the evening relaxing by himself. He must have nodded off.
The stirring at his side began again, and he jumped a little in surprise. A young man – a very handsome young man, his brain supplied – slowly sat up from where his head had been resting on John’s shoulder. The other man rubbed his eyes, yawned, gazed around the train sleepily. Finally, his eyes – beautiful, green eyes – came to rest on John, and they immediately widened.
“Do- Sorry, do I know you?” John asked.
“N-No, I don’t think so,” the younger man stuttered, looking completely panicked. “I- Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I totally didn’t mean to- I was just so tired- I swear I’m not some creeper or anything.”
John couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Hey, it’s alright. I did the same to you.”
There was a thoroughly awkward silence between them, during which they pointedly avoided eye contact. Finally, the other man spoke. “You, um, you make a really good pillow.”
John raised an eyebrow, and both of them blushed.
“Can I- What’s your name?” he asked on a whim.
“Luke. Lucas Wheaton. And yours?”
“John Levine.”
“Nice to meet you, John.” They shook hands, laughing at the odd form of meeting. “Where you headed?”
John checked the subway map and quickly realized that he had slept long passed his stop. “I- Well, I was headed home, but I missed my stop. So I suppose…I don’t know.” He glanced sideways at Luke and added, a little shyly, “What about yourself?”
“Same,” Luke chuckled.
There was another pause – shorter, and slightly less awkward. Then John took a dare and asked, “Do you maybe want to grab a bite to eat? If we get off at the next stop I know this great little Italian restaurant…”
Luke grinned, and it was absolutely stunning. “I’d love to, actually, yeah.”
“Really?” John couldn’t help but ask.
“Really,” Luke smiled.
..tumblr, why

And, from this day on it shall be shipped. So mote it be. 

russian metro tho

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